My name is Andreas Rohde, born 06.02.1970. I started studying animation in October 1993 at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg and graduated with special mentions in 2001.
I have been working as a character animator, storybord artist and character designer for a number of different TV- and Online-, and CDRom-productions before switching to 3D-animation in 2005 completely, working with Autodesk Maya, Autodesk XSI and 3Ds Max.

November 2013-January 2014
task: animator for  “The Red Herring”
agency: Ink and Light, Dublin

November 2013-January 2014
task: animator for  “Tetley Tea-Invasion”
agency: Glassworks, London
client: Tetley Tea

June 2013 – November 2013
task: animator for  “The seventh Dwarf”
agency: Scopas Medien AG, Frankfurt am Main
client: Zipfelmützenfilm

June 2012 – May 2013
task: animator for  “Tarzan 2014”
agency: Screencraft, Munich
client: Constantin Film

May-June 2012
task: animator for  “BP”
agency: Glassworks, London
client: BP

February-March 2012
task: animator for  “UPC_ECRN”
agency: Glassworks, Amsterdam
client: UPC

January-February 2012
task: animator for  “Marten-Zahnersatz”, “Expert-screensaver
agency:fiftyeight-animation, Frankfurt am Main
client: AllSecure Versicherungen, Expert

September-November 2011
task: animator for  “Tierisch verliebt”
agency: exozet effects GmbH, Berlin
client: Sat 1

August-September 2011
task: animator for  “Benjamin Blümchen”-featurefilm teaser
agency: Friendly Fritz, Berlin

June 2011
task: animator for  “Red Bull”
agency: Sehsucht, Berlin
client: Red Bull

January- April 2011
task: animator for ILM-featurefilm “Red Tails”
agency: Pixomondo, Beijing, China
client: Lukasfilm Ltd.

January 2011
task: animator for “Mr Clean”-commercial
agency: 58-3d, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
client: Procter & Gamble

November-December 2010
task: animator for “Sony DSC HX camera”-commercial
agency: HMX Media, London, UK
client: Sony

May-December 2010
task: animator for shortfilm “Papa`s Boy”
agency: BreakThruFilm Ltd., London, UK

January-March 2010
task: animator for a “Sprite”-commercial
agency: MPC, London, UK
client: Coca-Cola Company

January-September 2009
task: animator for NIntendo-Wii-production “Playmobil in the circus”
agency: morgen-studios, Berlin, Germany
client: Nintendo

January-December 2008
task: animator for TV-shortfilms “Löwenzahn-Hühnersong”, “Schokolade”,
animator for a pilot for Nickelodeon-TV-series “Brace Yourself”,
animator for imagefilms “Blocher Blocher Partner”
agency: Kaiserbrand, Berlin, Germany
client:  ZDF, Nickelodeon, Schokolade